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     Our start in the CBD industry is a personal one. We became interested in this area of study due to a close family member becoming sick. At the age of 18 months, this family member was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Due to the location of the tumor and the surgeries she underwent, she developed a seizure disorder. Immediately, her doctors chose to start her on a pharmaceutical epilepsy drug. Yet, at her young age, the many side effects became too much for her and her mom began exploring more natural remedies to positively affect her life. Through her research, she came across a CBD oil and decided to try it. Her biggest concern became the fact that these products were largely unregulated and she had no way to determine if each product contained as much as stated on the label and if each batch was identical to the one before. So, she approached us and it became an exciting research project for us to pursue together. 


Fast forward to today, two years later, we have expanded this research idea to a business, have presented at two SERMACS (South Eastern Region Meeting of the American Chemical Society), have an AOAC (association of analytical chemists) validated method for analyzing sublinguals, oil, tinctures, and vapes for CBD, THC, and CBDA potency and are currently looking to expand our analysis to full-spectrum and other types of CBD products


We look forward to helping our community and those close to us by making this industry a more thorough and transparent one.

Leadership Team

Todd Griffin

Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

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