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Product Testing 

Product testing is how we know what is in your product. We want to make sure that the active ingredients in your product are good. 

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Cannabinoids are naturally occurring in the cannabis sativa plant. They interact with specific receptors (CB1 and CB2) in the body. Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (D9-THC), and many other minor cannabinoids are being explored for various therapeutic uses. Knowing the cannabinoid content increases value of your product. Let us help you understand your product's value.



Terpenes are aromatic compounds produced naturally in plants like rosemary, lavender, and cannabis.  They form the aromas and scents that stand out in the product and are even used therapeutically.  Let us help you screen your product to determine which terpenes are present.

Nutrion Label


Nutrition Testing: Coming Soon

Compliance Testing

Compliance testing is how we determine what is not, or should not be in your product. It is used for regulatory safety, and we also use this type of testing  to highlight what is not in your product. 

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USDA Hemp Compliance

The USDA Final Rule for the establishment of a domestic hemp production program gave clear guidelines on how hemp samples are to be tested to confirm conformance to the program.  This requires the measurement/calculation of Total THC on a dry weight basis.  Trust our chemists to help you stay compliant.

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Mycotoxins are naturally occurring compounds produced by certain types of fungi and are found in a wide range of crops.  These dangerous toxins can be found at any stage of the crops supply chain.  Mycotoxins produce both acute toxicity and long-term health affects.  Trust our team to provide accurate results.



Water Activity

Water activity is the amount of "available" water.  Many products, like food, have water activity values that can support the growth of bacteria, yeast, and and mold. Water activity is a better predictor of microbial growth/perishability, chemical reactivity, color, odor, flavor, texture and shelf-life stability of a product than moisture content alone.  Let us help you understand this water activity of your samples.



Pesticides have been very important to improve crop yields.  However, the over-use of them can lead to dangerous levels of hazardous chemicals entering the food chain.  To protect consumers, regulatory agencies have strict monitoring requirements.  Let us help you demonstrate that your product is safe for use and complies with regulatory guidance.

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Yeast & Mold

Yeasts and molds are from the fungi family and can grow in a wide range of environments.  Fungi cannot be eliminated from growing plants, so care must be taken to manage their levels.  Many regulators require this type of testing.  Let us help you measure and understand your fungi levels.



Periodic Table

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are a group of naturally occurring toxic elements. High levels of these toxic elements can lead to heavy metal poising and cause significant health issues.  Heavy metals are the most commonly regulated chemicals due to their significant potential to cause toxicity.  Trust us to monitor your products for these elements and ensure consumer safety.

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Some microbes can cause spoilage, cause disease, and cause a host of other problems. The importance of microbial testing to quickly detect and identify these contaminants.  From raw materials to end-product testing, microbial testing is a vital part of the quality control of any product.  Trust our team to provide robust and reliable microbial data.

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Residual Solvents

Residual solvents are volatile, organic compounds that are used or produced in the manufacturing process.  These compounds can cause or worsen health conditions and should be removed from final products in accordance with good manufacturing or other quality-based systems.  We can help you monitor for residual solvents.

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